April 15, 2024
Actual Property Transfers: 3-15-23 – Despatched-trib

March 6

17593 Wapakoneta Street, Grand Rapids, residential, from Judith Tonjes, to Jeremiah and Sarah Meussling, $300,000.

4123 and 0 Waltham Street, Lake Township, residential, from Brandon Scaggs, to Abigail Sullivan, $125,000.

909 and 0 Lemoyne Street, Lake Township, industrial, 24.63 acres, from Lakewood Greenhouse Inc., to RJ Greenhouses LLC, $1,350,000.

2501 Moline Martin Street, Lake Township, residential, from Joseph Zychowicz Jr. and Nancy Zychowicz, to Zachary Bricker and Lexie Kolodziejski, $350,000.

21890 Mermill Street, Milton Township, residential, from Lonnie and Lisa Service, to Thomas and Kaitlyn Smith, $150,000.

10823 Solar Hint Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Stephen and Laura Appleby, to Holly Newcomer, $417,000.

2345 Woods Edge Street, Perrysburg, residential, from Olympic Actual Property Group LLC, to David Walkosky, $190,000.

1018 Stoneleigh Street, Perrysburg, residential, from Coventry Glen Ltd., to Minkesh and Jayantilal Patel, $63,900.

1309 and 0 N. Dixie Hwy., Rossford, residential, from Carl Kiel, trustee, to Richard Torres, $196,000.

212 Dixie Hwy., Rossford, industrial, 0.28 acres, from Rust & Rust Restricted, to AGM Properties Ltd., $275,000.

18735 Washington St., Tontogany, residential, from TBCH Properties Ltd., to Matthew and Eden Brighton, $319,900.

March 7

112 Marshall Ave., Pemberville, residential, from Adam and Jennifer Cope, to Zachary Henline, $133,700.

0 Dixie Hwy. and 0 Cygnet Street, Henry Township, agricultural, 173,88 acres, from Interinvest Company, to Timothy and Erica Franks, $885,000.

28748 and 0 Lemoyne Street, Lake Township, residential, from Mildred Perkins, to Nancy Blankenship, $209,000.

3325 Libbey Street, Lake Township, industrial, 5.87 acres, from TWG Actual Property Holdings Inc., to Cattlemen Ranch LLC, $2,300,000.

3393 Deviance Pike, Montgomery Township, residential, from Craig Miller, to David Bankey, $70,000.

11684 and 0 Timmons Street, Montgomery Township, residential, from Terry Tahy, to Douglas and Amanda Caldwell, $172,000.

7462 Twin Lakes Street, Perrysburg, residential, from Bradley Lorenz, to Meredith Pruitt and Tanner Gau, $175,000.

1401 Rivercrest Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Claire and Randy Climo, to Samantha Graves, $512,000.

17126 W. Poe Street, Plain Township, residential, from Haldon Argabright, to Andy and Abbie Cocke, $239,000.

March 8

220 Bierley Ave., Pemberville, residential, from Larry and Susan Bushman, to Keith Michalski, $45,000.

23313 Pargillis Street, Middleton Township, residential, from Ethan and Kathleen Downey, to Brian and Kelly Smith, $115,000.

0 Inexperienced Street, Plain Township, residential, from Timothy Sheline, trustee, to Ivan and Robin Belleville, trustees, $9,500.

0 Fremont Pike, Rossford, industrial, from Crossroads Outlots LLC, to Ansara Six Funding LLC, $1,160,000.

March 9

802 E. Gypsy Lane Street, Bowling Inexperienced, residential, from Rachell Williams, to Benjamin and Melanie Gyde, $140,000.

2565 Eden East Drive, Northwood, residential, from Curtis and Cassandra Reineck, to Ross and Ashly Peters, $200,000.

27010 Oregon Street, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Danny and Linda Biniker, to Susan Snyder, $127,500.

202 and 0 Osborn St., Rossford, residential, from HDPM Worldwide LLC, to Theresa Moyer, $110,000.

March 10

807 S. Wintergarden Street, Bowling Inexperienced, residential, from Clyde Milligan , to Jimmy Mills, $65,000.