February 22, 2024
I am knowledgeable backyard designer and listed here are 18 explanation why you must NEVER set up pretend grass

The grass is at all times greener… when it isn’t grass in any respect. That’s no less than in line with the newest development that sees Brits tearing up wholesome lawns for a plastic different.

The seemingly immaculate wanting gardens have been popularised by their apperance within the Love Island villa, and influencer Mrs Hinch.

And, builders have caught on too, with many new construct properties coming full with pretend grass as normal.

Properties in a model new property in Hampshire haven’t any actual grass lawns – and solely have plastic grass at each the back and front of each single property.

However a gardening professional has hit out towards this newest residence vogue development, saying it isn’t all it’s cracked as much as be.

Talking to MailOnline, Charlotte Howard, generally known as Functionality Charlotte on social media has given 18 causes on why you must NEVER set up plastic grass:

I am knowledgeable backyard designer and listed here are 18 explanation why you must NEVER set up pretend grass

Charlotte Howard (pictured), who goes by Functionality Charlotte on social media, has hit out towards the plastic gardens residence vogue development

Mannequin dwelling? These properties look virtually too excellent, with their shiny inexperienced lawns. Consultants say pretend lawns are unhealthy for the surroundings, however here’s a drone picture of Moneyfield Mews in Portsmouth that has it put in in the back and front gardens

A 2017 report projected that as a lot as 330 million kilos of synthetic grass waste might be required to be disposed of yearly

1. Plastic grass is unhealthy for the surroundings

‘Pretend grass is made out of fossil fuels and shipped the world over.’ Ms Howard informed MailOnline. 

The lawns are made out of fossil fuels – Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Nylon – and the manufacturing of those chemical substances is a really power and water-hungry course of, which might contribute to environmental degradation and world warming.

‘Because it ages, plastic grass (notably the person blades) will begin to degrade and shed microplastics into the soil, after which through watercourses into the ocean,’ she mentioned.

2. It harms biodiversity

If you put synthetic grass down it’s fitted on prime of different, typically plastic layers, that successfully ‘cap’ the soil – killing the soil and harming native wildlife.

In a pure garden, the worms would drag natural matter reminiscent of leaves down and feed the soil, but when they’re unable to floor, the soil will develop into sterile.

And, the dearth of worms harms biodiversity, with gardens being a serious vestiges for wildlife in Britain. The birds can have nothing to feed on and the mammals which can nibble the grass (or the birds) may even don’t have anything to eat.

‘No worms, no birds, no animals,’ Ms Howard says.

3. Pretend grass can hurt animals that do enter your backyard

If wild bunnies do sometimes hop onto your pretend garden, they could eat the plastic grass which will be dangerous for his or her well being.

And if the rabbit is then eaten by a predator, the plastic of their system will make its means up the meals chain.

Charlotte Howard pictured in her beautiful garden, which she has spent time and effort on. She says biodiversity on artificial grass suffers as 'creatures can't reach the soil'

Charlotte Howard pictured in her stunning backyard, which she has spent effort and time on. She says biodiversity on synthetic grass suffers as ‘creatures cannot attain the soil’

The Love Island look: The 2022 villa with a fake grass area where stars mused over their relationships on giant bean-bags

The Love Island look: The 2022 villa with a pretend grass space the place stars mused over their relationships on big bean-bags 

'It's going to become unfashionable like crazy paving... or asbestos!' Pictured: The Love Island 2023 gym with fake grass, which would undoubtedly get hot in the South African sun

‘It’ll develop into retro like loopy paving… or asbestos!’ Pictured: The Love Island 2023 fitness center with pretend grass, which might undoubtedly get sizzling within the South African solar

4. Synthetic lawns should not as low upkeep as they seem

A key promoting level of synthetic lawns is that they seem like low upkeep.

‘No mowing!’ the excited purchaser of plastic greenery could exclaim.

‘Plastic grass firms let you know it’s low upkeep,’ Ms Howard mentioned. ‘They may inform you it’ll final about 10 to fifteen years.

‘However it’s mainly like having a carpet in your backyard. You will want to comb it frequently to forestall a build-up of natural matter. Some folks even vacuum their garden!’

‘Synthetic grass producers actually let you know to use weed killer to your synthetic garden.’

5. You appear to be daft vacuuming your backyard

‘I hate vacuuming, why would I need to to do it in my backyard?’

And let’s face it, you’ll look a bit daft waving to your neighbour vacuuming the grass in your again backyard. 

‘My backyard is wild so I’ve mowed it simply 4 instances this 12 months… and also you appear to be a proper fool vacuuming your backyard.’

'I hate vacuuming, why would I want to to do it in my garden?' (file photo)

‘I hate vacuuming, why would I need to to do it in my backyard?’ (file picture)

6. They get sizzling in the summertime and will be unsafe for delicate ft and paws

‘It will get hotter than concrete in the summertime except you lay our a fortune on a specifically handled garden, says Ms Howard. ‘However actual grass stays cool because it has moisture.’

‘Even synthetic garden producers admit this. Some even counsel you hose it down!’

The excessive temperatures will be unkind to pet’s paws and also you and your youngsters’s ft, making it lower than ultimate for play.

7. Pretend lawns are troublesome to eliminate and recycle

‘There’s an unavoidable truth that the majority synthetic grass is non-recyclable,’ says Ms Howard.

‘Most synthetic grass is made up of a combination of various plastics, sand and rubber, and whereas the plastic by itself can often be recycled fairly simply, it is rather troublesome to separate it from the non-recyclable bits.

‘There are some grasses that declare to be recyclable, however up to now there are not any vegetation within the UK that may do that.’

And to correctly recycle pretend grass can be extremely costly to do on the size wanted. 

8. Synthetic grass STINKS

Should you let your pet out for a poo in your synthetic grass, the method of cleansing it up is way more complicated than for a pure garden.

‘When your canine does its enterprise on grass you may choose up and you’re good to go,’ says Ms Howard. 

As an alternative of choosing up the majority of your pooch’s leavings with a plastic bag and letting the worms cope with the small flecks left behind on the blades of grass, you as an alternative should take to your grass with disinfectant! And even then should you miss a spec of it it may depart a nasty scent lingering.

And when the plastic will get sizzling in the summertime it may launch an disagreeable plasticy stench because it begins to soften within the solar.

The artificial grass which is used in these new builds in Portsmouth is made from Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Nylon - the manufacturing of these chemicals contributes to environmental degradation

The factitious grass which is utilized in these new builds in Portsmouth is made out of Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Nylon – the manufacturing of those chemical substances contributes to environmental degradation

9. Plastic grass can soften within the sizzling Solar and get broken

Not solely does pretend grass scent unhealthy within the the summer season, however when the Solar is burning it may soften and get completely broken – whereas a little bit of daylight in your actual grass will give it a pleasant enhance of chlorophyll.

10. Pretend lawns can get STAINED

Not solely is it notably arduous to wash doggy do-do off your pretend garden, it may additionally get stained by animal leavings which will be very arduous to wash.

‘You mainly get a carpet in your backyard,’ Ms Howard says. Think about taking to your backyard with a some stain remover and a scourer!

11. Synthetic lawns are dearer than you suppose

‘With a median lifespan of 7-10 years, your synthetic grass will want changing many instances in a single era. Synthetic grass will not be as low-cost because it appears.’

Putting in it alone can set you again 1000’s of kilos and on prime of that you just nonetheless want to take care of it with specialist gear, or by hiring a synthetic grass firm to do it for you, probably costing you lots of a 12 months.

12. Even should you rip up your pretend grass it may take 5 years to revive a pure backyard

‘You will be unable to revive the soil for as much as 5 years after your tear up your pretend grass as a result of it’s lifeless.’

As soon as you place the dense plastic barrier over the compacted soil, compostable litter like leaf litter and grass clippings can attain the soil, which is important for feeding animals like worms and the nice microbes within the spol that maintain it wholesome.

A garden in 2018, before installing artificial grass

The artificial grass in 2019, after the instillation

A backyard earlier than (left, 2018) and after (proper, 2019) putting in synthetic grass

An artificial grass lawn being ripped up so a grass seeds can be sewn in its place

A synthetic grass garden being ripped up so a grass seeds will be sewn as an alternative

13. There’s a increased likelihood of sporting and impression accidents on pretend grass

In keeping with research, the danger of damage is considerably increased on synthetic turf in comparison with the pure stuff.

A 2019 research from the American medical group College Hospitals confirmed that  had been 58 per cent extra more likely to maintain an damage throughout athletic exercise on synthetic turf in comparison with pure grass.

‘And should you fall on it, you get essentially the most appalling carpet burn,’ mentioned Ms Harwood.

14. The Surroundings Company have already mentioned there’s a disaster for wildlife and eliminating actual grass will make issues worse

An Surroundings Company report printed final 12 months laid naked the size of change wanted to assist England’s biodiversity and local weather disaster.

The report set out a listing of serious adjustments that shall be applied to assist landscapes in England thrive. 

It outlined that there must be interventions in place – reminiscent of nature-based options – to assist wildlife get better, after it was revealed that throughout England giant areas of habitats have been misplaced – with 99.7% of fens, 97% of species-rich grasslands, 80% of lowland heathlands.

Gardens are one of many final wildlife corridors in a lot of Britain, and eliminating the pure grass will finish this secure haven for birds, hedgehogs and extra.

15. You will not get to expertise wildlife visiting your backyard anymore

If the native critters do not go to you anymore, you lose the well being and wellbeing advantages you get from interacting with nature.

Ms Howard mentioned: ‘We’re destroying our grass gardens that are the final vestiges of wildlife.’

She added that wildlife gardens had been the best and greatest varieties to have for ‘lazy gardeners’ like her. You’ll be able to admire the wildlife and nature in your backyard and also you solely have to mow and keep it a couple of instances a 12 months.

16. ‘Plastic grass would not even look good’

Regardless of synthetic lawns changing into a trendy development, Ms Howard contests they they don’t really look very good.

‘They give the impression of being a bit pretend,’ she says. ‘I am a gardener, I do not like pretend issues. It appears sterile – like a jail train yard.’

‘And my greatest pleasure day-after-day is to stroll out in my backyard and see what’s in my backyard. In the intervening time i’ve hyacinth and I noticed my first daisy yesterday.’

17. Kids develop up with out contact with a pure floor… they usually cannot make daisy chains!

Posing a query to oldsters contemplating getting a synthetic garden, Ms Howard requested: ‘Would you like your youngsters to be surrounded by plastic?

‘Do not you need your youngsters to make daisy chains and whistles out of grass?’

When you have a synthetic garden your youngsters shall be disadvantaged of that important frequent contact with nature.

'Don't you want your children to make daisy chains and whistles out of grass?', says Ms Howard (stock photo)

‘Do not you need your youngsters to make daisy chains and whistles out of grass?’, says Ms Howard (inventory picture)

18. Synthetic lawns will not be widespread ceaselessly 

Whereas proper now it is likely to be all the craze to tear up your garden in favour of a plastic inexperienced carpet to ape Mrs Hinch or Love Island, Ms Howard contends that it will not be trendy for lengthy.

‘It’ll develop into retro like loopy paving… or asbestos!’

So earlier than you concentrate on fully overhauling your backyard for this pretend grass , keep in mind that it is likely to be extremely uncool subsequent week.