April 14, 2024
The right way to Develop & Take care of Romanesco Broccoli within the Backyard
The right way to Develop & Take care of Romanesco Broccoli within the Backyard

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Though a debate rages amongst horticulturists on whether or not the Romanesco cultivar of Brassica oleracea (Botrytis Group) is a broccoli or cauliflower, the flavorful and enticing member of the cabbage household is an ideal addition to your cool season backyard harvest. Romanesco has a nutty taste however its most tasty high quality is the putting gentle inexperienced heads composed of quite a few cone-shaped florets, each rising in a logarithmic spiral making a fractal sample.

Whereas gaining in recognition, Romanesco broccoli vegetation and seeds could be laborious to search out in mass-market backyard facilities. Nonetheless, as soon as you discover vegetation or begin seeds, the vegetable is as simple to develop as any broccoli or cauliflower selection.

Frequent Identify

Romanesco Broccoli, Romanesco Cauliflower

Botanical Identify

Brassica oleracea (Botrytis Group) var. Veronica



Plant Sort



Peak: 1 ft. 0 in. – 1 ft. 6 in., Width: 1 ft. 0 in. – 2 ft. 0 in.

 Solar Publicity

Full solar

Soil Sort


Soil pH

6.0 to 7.5, can tolerate barely alkaline soil

Hardiness Zones

2a-11b USDA

Native Space

Rome, Italy

The right way to Plant Romanesco Broccoli

Romanesco broccoli is a cool-season vegetable usually grown within the spring or fall as a result of it doesn’t tolerate warmth. As a result of Romanesco vegetation are sometimes tough to search out, it’s best to start out seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks forward of the anticipated final frost after which transplant them into the backyard in early spring. For fall harvests, begin seeds inside or seed within the backyard in late summer season.

The planting website ought to obtain full solar and the soil loam-based and wealthy in nitrogen. Use compost for soil enrichment and mulch across the vegetation to assist defend the floor roots and retain moisture. Place the vegetation or seeds 18 to 24 inches aside in well-drained soil. If utilizing transplants, dig a small gap and fill within the soil round them in order that the plant is on the identical stage it was in its pot. Water effectively and fertilize a couple of times throughout the rising season. Romanesco just isn’t a frost-tolerant plant and ought to be harvested earlier than a tough freeze.

Romanesco Broccoli Plant Care

As soon as your vegetation have change into established within the backyard, they require the identical care given to any number of broccoli or cauliflower.


Romanesco vegetation require full solar to provide edible heads. The vegetation ought to obtain six to eight hours of solar per day.


The vegetation or seeds ought to be established in fertile, loamy soil that drains effectively. The soil ought to be excessive in natural matter with a 6.0 to 7.5 pH; nevertheless, Romanesco can tolerate barely alkaline soil. Don’t plant Romanesco broccoli in the identical location greater than as soon as each three or 4 years to assist cut back illness.


The vegetation want plentiful, constant moisture to provide edible heads. The soil shouldn’t be allowed to dry out fully earlier than the following watering.

Temperature and Humidity

As a cool-season crop, Romanesco broccoli won’t thrive within the excessive temperatures and extreme humidity of summer season. Romanesco thrives in rising temperatures from 65 to 75 Fahrenheit.


All the time begin vegetation in fertile soil that’s excessive in nitrogen. Apply one-half cup of high-nitrogen fertilizer (21-0-0 NPK) per 10 toes of row 4 weeks after transplanting or thinning to encourage vigorous plant progress. Place the fertilizer six inches away from the vegetation and irrigate it into the soil. Apply a further one-fourth cup of nitrogen fertilizer when the Romanesco broccoli head is the dimensions of 1 / 4.

Varieties of Romanesco Broccoli

  • ‘Veronica’: Probably the most extensively obtainable named cultivar reaches maturity in 77 days with good warmth tolerance within the backyard. Produces symmetrical, spiraled, lime inexperienced heads with tightly beaded, pointed domes. Holds its vibrant shade even when cooked.

  • ‘Natalino’: Produces vibrant lemon to yellow-green rosettes with a maturity date of 180 days. Could be eaten uncooked however loses shade when cooked.

  • ‘Gitano’: This Romanesco sort produces deep inexperienced heads with an erect pyramidal curd filled with spirals. Has good mildew resistance and tolerance to chilly climate. Matures in 100 to 110 days.

Extra heirloom varieties could be discovered however have a tendency to provide fairly variable sizes of heads and unpredictable maturity. When trying to find seeds, look in each the broccoli and cauliflower classes.

Harvesting Romanesco Broccoli

In most rising areas, Romanesco broccoli heads are prepared to reap 75 to 100 days after transplanting. Take away your entire head from the plant with a pointy knife. For varieties that produce a number of smaller heads, take away the person stalks. Use instantly or retailer wrapped in plastic within the fridge for a couple of week.

As soon as the principle head is reduce, Romanesco broccoli doesn’t produce new aspect shoots. The plant could be faraway from the soil and composted.

The right way to Develop Romanesco Broccoli in Pots

Romanesco could be grown in pots following the identical gentle, soil, temperature, and water pointers as really helpful for garden-grown vegetation. Every plant ought to be positioned in a three-gallon pot to accommodate the big measurement of the plant. Water effectively and make sure you keep away from planting throughout months with temperatures over 75 levels Fahrenheit.


Pruning Romanesco broccoli just isn’t really helpful as a result of it is going to drastically cut back vegetable manufacturing.

Propagating Romanesco Broccoli

When you can propagate Romanesco broccoli by inserting a important stem in a glass of water to develop roots, the plant won’t produce a brand new head. The most effective outcomes for vegetable manufacturing come from transplants from a dependable backyard heart or beginning your personal transplants from seed.

You possibly can save seeds to propagate your Romanesco broccoli. Nonetheless, chances are you’ll not get the identical plant if the broccoli has cross-pollinated with one other member of the Brassicaceae household. If you wish to give it a attempt:

  1. Let the broccoli develop with out harvesting till small yellow flowers seem and provides option to seed pods.

  2. As soon as the seed pods flip brown and dry, the seeds ought to be mature. At that time, reduce down your entire plant and cling it in a heat, dry spot with good air circulation for a few weeks in order that the seeds proceed drying.

  3. As soon as the seed pods have absolutely dried, gently reduce them from the plant. Crumble them over a white fabric, so you’ll be able to simply spot and separate the seeds from the chaff.

  4. Retailer the seeds in an envelope or hermetic container labeled with the date. They need to be viable for about 5 years.

The right way to Develop Romanesco Broccoli From Seed

  • Sow Romanesco broccoli seeds indoors about six weeks earlier than the final spring frost or earlier than the primary winter freeze.

  • In pots or a seeding tray, add sterile, soilless seedling combine. Press the seeds one-fourth to one-half inch deep. Don’t use backside warmth however preserve the ambient warmth round 65 to 75 levels Fahrenheit.

  • The seeds will germinate in about two weeks. As soon as the seedlings seem, place the tray in vibrant gentle to encourage progress.

  • Fertilize with a half-strength liquid starter resolution after the primary true leaf seems. When two true leaves are current, fertilizer twice per week.

  • When the vegetation have 4 or 5 true leaves, cut back watering and place the vegetation outdoors the place they may obtain wind safety and a few hours of daylight to harden them off. Progressively expose them to extra daylight and preserve them effectively watered.

  • Plant within the backyard after the possibility of frost has handed within the spring or when the daytime temperature has dropped to round 65 levels within the fall.

Potting and Repotting

If grown in a pot, Romanesco broccoli, mustn’t require repotting as a result of it doesn’t overwinter. Plant in a big pot so the plant doesn’t must be disturbed throughout the rising season.


Romanesco broccoli is handled as an annual plant within the backyard or in containers. Overwintering shouldn’t be tried.

Frequent Pest and Plant Ailments

Romanesco broccoli is prone to the identical pests and ailments as different members of the cabbage household.  Look ahead to cabbage caterpillars (imported cabbageworm (Pieris rapae), diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella), cabbage root maggots, and cabbage looper (Trichoplusia ni).

Frequent ailments embrace blackleg, black rot, and clubroot. Illness management is greatest achieved by rotating the place you plant crops every year and conserving the vegetation wholesome.

Steadily Requested Questions

Is Romanesco broccoli simple to develop?

When you have been profitable in rising cauliflower or broccoli within the house backyard, you’ll be able to simply develop Romanesco broccoli.

How lengthy does it take to develop Romanesco broccoli?

The ‘Veronica’ number of Romanesco broccoli takes about 75 days to succeed in maturity as soon as the seedling is transplanted into the backyard. It takes about six weeks from seed germination till the seedling is able to transplant into the backyard.

Does Romanesco broccoli come again yearly?

Whereas some vegetation can overwinter in heat zones, they won’t produce an excellent harvest. Think about Romanesco broccoli an annual vegetable and begin contemporary every rising season for one of the best outcomes.

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