February 23, 2024
Worcester County actual property transfers, Sunday, July 2
Worcester County actual property transfers, Sunday, July 2


$565,000, 26 Blueberry Rd, Goyne, Richard D, and Goyne, Marla J, to Burchat, Catherine S, and Burchat, Andrew F.$475,000, 39 Proctor St, Hodges, Heather, and Albani, Grey, to Bunten, Brian W, and Gilbreath, Emily R.$268,000, 14 Spruce Dr, Croteau, Mark A, to Msb Property Mgmt LLC.$10,000, Winchendon Rd, New Eng Agriculture Techn, to American Ag Assets LLC.


$372,500, 129 Union St, Menjivar, Victorino, to Clarke, Sarah A.$360,000, 50 Craigin St, Stage One Properties LLC, to Alvarez, Luz M.$340,000, 326 Drury Ave, Hamilton, Sherry L, to Day, Amanda, and Forehead, Mark.$265,000, 375 Pequoig Ave, Hause Betty E Est, and Fuchs, Deborah A, to Rodriguez 2nd, Santos L.$159,900, 102 Liberty St, Nalwark, Thomas, to Dibiase, David D, and Woodford, Andrew B.$122,500, Ridge Rd Ext #8, Duplessie, William R, and Duplessie, Donna M, to V&j Actual Property Inc.$35,000, Templeton Rd, Moneau, Joseph H, to 4m Athol T, and Mongeau, Peter E.